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Hi, I'm Shannon, the face behind this brand.

Temple of Treasure is a space where I collect, create and where I can pour my dreams and love in. Each pre-loved garment is handpicked by myself and comes from various timelines and destinations around the world.

Collecting treasure has always been my passion. When I was little, I collected shells and now that love has grown into collecting beautiful, unique pieces that make you feel elegant, comfortable and free.

Extending my passion for collecting, I also have  handmade collections of various items. From embroidery belts and pouches, to jewelry with crystals.

All treasures are made at my home in Leeuwarden.

Honoring the beautiful earth, I make most of the handmade pieces on a pre-ordered base and I use as much vintage material as possible!

You can always send me a message if you are looking for a specific item or a custom made product.

Lots of love,


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